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A huge array of options

That's the benefit of bag housings, there are hundreds of filtration options available and you have the ability to change at any time. Filter Sciences has the ability to meet all of your filtration requirements. We offer an extensive assortment of filter materials each with a wide range of micron ratings to filter virtually any fluid. Fill out the Quick Quote form and see just how competitively our stainless filters are priced.

Why BagFiltration
  • Flexibility

    Bag Filters have tremendous flexibility over most all other types of filtration because the bags can be changed to match the application parameters. They can also be used in a wide array of processes with higher temperatures and pressures.

  • Simple & Rapid Install

    Bag filters are very quick and easy to install compared to say cartridge filters. There is no assembly. Simply slide the filter into the support basket and secure it with the locking mechanism.

  • Re-Use Of Bags

    Bag filters can be discarded or re-used. Some plants wash them in their facility or outsource the cleaning to their uniform company.


Bag Filter Compatibilities

Bag Filter Sizes

Filter Pressure Drops

our Objectives

  • 1

    Every facility, process, and filtration requirement is unique. We aim to provide our clients with application specific filtration solutions.

  • 2

    Our Knowledgeable engineers will work with you to analyze your unique process and will provide a quotation for a filtration solution.

  • 3

    To offer the most efficient and cost effective solution to your fluid filtration application.

The Filter Sciences Advantage

Don't settle for less than stainless

For maximum longevity and ROI you can't beat the corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel

clients say

  • In our industry process contamination of our cooling water is a real issue. We can't afford to lose a vast amount of water to a backwashing filter. Our cooling towers are much cleaner and we feed far less biocide with the cleaner towers.

    dean N. (Maintenance Supervisor - Plastics Molder)
  • As a Tier 1 Automotiive Supplier, quality is critical. We utilize Filter Sciences bag housings at several points in the rinse and paint line. Our use of ultra pure rinse water demands the use of stainless housings.

    Bob d. (Coatings Line Manager)


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