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Big Flow - No Problem

With our standard units we can handle flows up to 6,000 GPM and if that's not big enough we can custom engineer a solution to meet your needs.


  • Filtration Flow

    Each cell of our MultiBag Housings is cabable of up to a 250 GPM flow. Our standard MultiBag Housings range from 2 to 24 cells.

  • Run twin  or multiple units

    Twin or multiple units can be flanged together to run in parallel or alternate for a continuous source of filtered fluid with no unfiltered by-pass required.

  • replace or reuse bags

    Bags can be replaced and disposed of or reused by cleaning or re-claiming the filtrant.

The Value Leader

Our Stainless Housings are Value Engineered to bring you the most competitive cost in the industry.

Multi Bag Housings

4 Bag

12 Bag

8 Bag

5 Bag

our Advantage

  • 1

    No Backwash

    Do to the fact bags are removed and replaced, there is zero discharge. No process fluids lost.

  • 2

    Flexible Media

    There are hundreds of bag options available. In many different materials, and micron ratings. Even oil absorbant and carbon lined bags are available.

  • 3

    Ergonomic Design

    Engineered for quick and easy bag changes.


Durable & Designed for Convenience

Quality design & construction features inside and out

clients say

  • In our Foundry eliminating down time is critical. These bag filters have improved the cleanliness of our cooling towers, heat exchangers and closed loops exponentially. We no longer schedule regular cleanings.

    Jeff L. (Foundry maintenance Supervisor)
  • I really like the ability to change the level of filtration by just changing a bag, and of course we can't afford any fluid losses to backwashing.  These stainless bag filters fit our requirements to the T.

    Richard M. (Brewery Maintenance)


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